SOHC engine thermostat. KIA Magentis/Optima (since 2000 of release)
Magentis and Optima repair since 2000 of release
1. Engines
2. Greasing system
3. Cooling system
3.1. Specifications
3.2. Cooling liquid
3.3. Check of tightness of system of cooling
3.4. Check of a cover of a radiator under pressure
3.5. Check of density of cooling liquid
3.6. Radiator
3.7. Radiator fan
3.8. Water pump of the DOHC engine
3.9. Water pump of the V6 engine
3.10. SOHC engine thermostat
3.11. V6 engine thermostat
3.12. Tubes and hoses of system of cooling of the engine
4. Control and decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Ignition system
7. Coupling
8. Transmission
9. Power shafts, axes
10. Suspension bracket
11. Steering
12. Brake system
13. Body
14. Central air
15. Electric equipment
16. Electric circuits


3.10. SOHC engine thermostat



1. Merge cooling liquid to the level located below the thermostat.
2. Remove the union of an exit of cooling liquid and laying.
3. Remove the thermostat.



1. On a thread suspend the thermostat in a transparent vessel with water.
2. Insert into water the thermometer, heat up a vessel with water and watch the thermostat valve.

3. Define temperature of the beginning of opening and complete opening of the valve of the thermostat.

  • Temperature of the beginning of opening of the valve of the thermostat: 80-84°C.
  • Temperature of complete opening of the valve of the thermostat: 95 °C.



1. Establish the thermostat so that the valve for air removal correctly settled down in a nest. If the thermostat is established in the wrong situation, the basis of the thermostat will touch an edge in an inlet collector that will break its working capacity.
2. Establish new laying and the union of an exit of cooling liquid.

Inhaling moment: 10–15 N • m

3. Fill in in cooling system cooling liquid.

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3.11. V6 engine thermostat