Magentis and Optima repair since 2000 of release
1. Engines
2. Greasing system
3. Cooling system
4. Control and decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Ignition system
6.1. Specifications
6.2. General information
6.3. Coil of ignition of the engine of 2,5 l of V6
6.4. Coil of ignition of the engine of 2,0 l
6.5. Ignition lock
6.6. Spark plugs
6.7. High-voltage wires
6.8. Installation of high-voltage wires (V6 engine)
6.9. Check of spark plugs
6.10. Search and elimination of malfunctions of fuel system
7. Coupling
8. Transmission
9. Power shafts, axes
10. Suspension bracket
11. Steering
12. Brake system
13. Body
14. Central air
15. Electric equipment
16. Electric circuits


6.7. High-voltage wires


1. At operation of the engine in turn disconnect from spark plugs high-voltage wires and check, whether power setting changed.

At performance of this operation use rubber gloves.

2. If power setting does not change, check a condition and resistance of a spark plug.
3. Check a tip and a cover of a high-voltage wire on existence of cracks, corrosion or a deposit.

4. By an ohmmeter measure resistance of high-voltage wires.

Resistance of high-voltage wires of spark plugs of the engine of 2,5 l

High-voltage wire of a spark plug
Resistance, lump
Cylinder No. 1
Cylinder No. 2
Cylinder No. 3
Cylinder No. 4
Cylinder No. 5
Cylinder No. 6

Resistance of a high-voltage wire should not exceed 10 000 Ohm, otherwise replace a wire.

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6.8. Installation of high-voltage wires (V6 engine)