Magentis and Optima repair since 2000 of release
1. Engines
2. Greasing system
3. Cooling system
4. Control and decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Ignition system
7. Coupling
8. Transmission
8.1. Mechanical transmission
8.1.1. Specifications
8.1.2. Check of level of oil
8.1.3. Replacement of transmission oil
8.1.4. Replacement of an oil sealing ring of a power shaft
8.1.5. Gear shifting lever
8.1.6. Removal and transmission installation
8.1.7. Transmission shaft
8.1.8. Entrance shaft of a transmission
8.1.9. A conducted shaft of a transmission
8.1.10. Search and elimination of malfunctions of coupling
8.2. Automatic transmission
9. Power shafts, axes
10. Suspension bracket
11. Steering
12. Brake system
13. Body
14. Central air
15. Electric equipment
16. Electric circuits


8.1.6. Removal and transmission installation



1. Disconnect, first of all, a wire from the negative plug of the storage battery, then – from positive.
2. Remove an air line.
3. Remove the air filter and air hoses.
4. Disconnect the socket from the switchboard.

5. Disconnect a pipe of coupling and remove a clip.

6. Remove the cylinder of switching off of coupling.
7. Remove a cable of a drive of a speedometer.

8. Remove a cable of switching and a choice of transfers.

9. Turn out bolts of fastening of a starter. Turn out the top bolts of fastening of a transmission.

10. The special adaptation 09400-29000 support the engine so that the weight of the engine was perceived by the adaptation.

11. Remove an arm and a transmission support.
12. Lift the car.
13. Remove forward wheels.
14. Turn out a drain stopper and merge in suitable capacity transmission oil from a transmission.
15. Turn out a bolt and disconnect from a rotary fist the spherical hinge of a tip of steering draft and the spherical hinge of the bottom lever, and also a power shaft.
16. Turn out bolts of fastening of the hinge and a returnable pipe.
17. Remove the forward exhaust silencer.
18. Turn out bolts of fastening of the bottom frame and remove it.
19. Remove forward and back arms of support of a transmission.

20. Turn out bolts of fastening of a transmission.

21. Remove a transmission.

At removal of a transmission be convinced that the jack supports a transmission on the big area.

Support of the engine and transmission should be established on the places without preliminary tension.

Sequence of installation of arms.

    Arm of installation of the engine. Top arm of a transmission. Arm of a back support. Arm of a forward support.

At installation of an arm of a forward support be careful not to damage a support that can lead to the increased vibration.



Installation is carried out to sequences, return to removal.

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8.1.7. Transmission shaft